The author of Don’t Call Me Ishmael, Ishmael and the Hoops Of Steel and many more books visited our school on the 8/3/12. He explained to us mostly about his books and tips and hints on how to make your creative writing better than the one you already have. It was a fun incursion and experience to see him come out to our school and dedicate his time even though everyone rushed out from the hall as soon as the bell rung. 😀

Here he is with two of our wonderful English teachers; we would have had a photo with the students, but..well, refer to the above paragraph!

Mr. Kanafani just posted a review of The Book Thief by the Australian author, Markus Zusak. I’ve added a link to his webpage on his publisher’s site in the blogroll and here.

Earlier this term I went to the State Library and met the author Oliver Phommavanh, who wrote Thai-riffic! and Con-nerd (we have both in the library). He was HILARIOUS, talking about his growing up in Cabramatta and going to the Supanova Pop Culture Expo where he got to meet some of his favourite movie and comic characters (Oliver is the one on the left!). There’s a link to his website in the Blogroll; I’d also suggest looking at his blog  if you’re a budding writer.


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