Who knew that football players read??

I know next to nothing about the Premier League but I do know its very important to some people! Here is a link to some Premier League players and their … Continue reading

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This is a fresh take on the haunted house story and a dig at consumerism and corporate speak. Its a very convincing horror story. Have a look at the trailer: … Continue reading

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Zahra’s Paradise

This is a very political graphic novel, set in Iran just after the rigged 2009 elections. It is definitely for a mature reader; it definitely has adult themes! The politics … Continue reading

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Why We Took the Car

By Wolfgang Herrndorf This is one of the best books for young adults I’ve read ever (sorry Jasper Jones). Its definitely for a more mature reader so don’t be put … Continue reading

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You may not have heard of this book yet, but I think you will soon! Its been compared to The Hunger Games and I can see why. The society depicted … Continue reading

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I’m back!

I haven’t blogged about anything I’ve read in a while – I’ve been a bit slack sorry. I’ve been reading a lot of books for older readers lately, so if … Continue reading

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PRC- Premier’s Reading Challenge

The PRC (Premier’s Reading Challenge) is a challenge that is held every year since 2006 or something close to that. You  read 20 books in total, 15 from the PRC … Continue reading

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